Ji-Rong Wen Attends 2019 Future Science Prize Week with His Students


Professor Ji-Rong Wen, the Dean of Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence takes 12 RUC students to join the 2019 Future Science Prize Week event from Nov 16 to 17, 2019.

The Future Science Prize isconsidered as “China Nobel Prize”, which is the first world-class scientific award in China created by scientists and entrepreneurs-group. This prize is applied to award the scientists who makes significant research achievements for all humankind. Individual prize is up to one million dollars.

As the Council of the Future Forum Rotating Chair, the donor of the Future Science Prize – Life Science Prize, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Hillhouse Capital Group, Mr. Zhang Lei addresses in the award ceremony and hands out prizes to prize-winning scientists.

Students from artificial intelligence research and academic organization listen carefully to the speech from four prize – winning scientists, talking about their experiences and thoughts of doing researches. These experiences sharing offer students deeper understanding of scientific research and also motivate their further studies.

The 2019 Future Science Prize Week event comes to a successful end this time.In the meantime, GSAI is planning to create more opportunities of engaging in artificial intelligence academic frontier for RUC teachers and students to follow the AI development trend.