RUC Releases “10 Frontier Subjects of Intelligent Social Governance”


On Nov 19, RUC holds “the 1st  Intelligent Social Governance Forum and the 5th  Livelihood Forum”at Run Run Shaw Conference Center.

Meng Qinghai, the Vice-President of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and JinNuo, the Secretary of the RUC Party Committee attend the forum and respectively deliver the speeches. The RUC president Liu Wei be present the meeting as well.

During the forum, Professor Ji-Rong Wen, the Executive Dean of GSAI releases “10 Frontier Subjects of the Intelligent Social Governance”: the Big Data Platform Construction of Intelligent Social Governance, the Intelligent Social Governance Algorithm and Mechanism Design, the Intelligent Society’sAlgorithm and Legal Regulation of Data, the Legal Liability of the Intelligent Society’s Internet Platform, the Digital Economy and China’s Economic Transformation of the Intelligent Society, the Economic Regulation and Competition Policy of the Intelligent Society, the Internet and Interpersonal Relationship Reconstruction of the Intelligent Society, the Intelligent Society’s Order and the Intelligent Governance, the Intelligent Society’sPublic Reason and Public Opinion’s Governance, the Public Ethics’ Construction and Regulations of the Intelligent Society.

Atthe same time, the schemes of the intelligent society’s development and the “intellectual talents” governance are also released during the forum. As the initiator of this forum, GSAI will fully bring its superiority into the talents’ cultivation with the strong support of RUC Intelligent Social Governance Center.