GSAI Faculty Yong Liu won the 2019 CCF-Tencent Rhino Bird Fund Excellence Award

Date:2020-10-27 Visits:


The 2019 CCF Tencent Rhinoceros Bird Fund Final Defense was recently held in Beijing. After review, deliberation and discussion, Yong Liu, GSAI faculty, won the 2019 CCF-Tencent Rhino Bird Fund Excellence Award with his project of “automatic learning of DNN model structure based on Bayesian optimization”.

The CCF-Tencent Rhino Bird Fund was jointly initiated by the China Computer Society (CCF) and Tencent as a platform for industry-university-research integration and academic exchanges for young scholars at home and abroad. In the past eight years, the Rhino Bird Fund has offered the most innovative young scholars worldwide opportunities to gain insights into the real problems of the industry and meet the actual needs of the business. It has also promoted the academic influence of both sides through the industry-university scientific research cooperation by connecting young scholars and corporate R&D teams. With that, it facilitated the application of research results and increased the capacity of independent scientific research and development for innovative results.

Yong Liu is associate researcher and doctoral supervisor at GSAI. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Tianjin University. He has long engaged in machine learning, with special interests in large-scale machine learning, automatic machine learning, statistical machine learning theory, etc. He has published more than 30 papers in top journals and conferences, including more than 15 CCF Class A articles as first or corresponding author, which covered the top journals in the field of machine learning: TPAMI, TNNLS and the four top conferences of NeurIPS, ICML, IJCAI, AAAI. He was once a member of the "Youth Innovation Promotion Association" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the "Introduced Outstanding Talent" at the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He also serves as reviewer of many important international conferences and journals such as NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, IJCAI, etc.