Zihe Wang
Tenure-track Assistant Professor
He obtained Bachelor degree in Yao class in 2011 and Ph.D of Computer Science in IIIS, Tsinghua University. He worked for Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for 4 years before he moved to Renmin University of China

Personal Homepage: https://gsai.ruc.edu.cn/addons/teacher/index/info.html?user_id=0&ruccode=20200137&ln=en

Detailed Information

Professional Experience:

2020-now Renmin University of China, Assistant Professor

2016-2020 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Assistant Professor


2011-2016 PhD Candidate, IIIS, Tsinghua University.

2007-2011 B.Sc. in Computer Science, IIIS, Tsinghua University.

Research Interests:

Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Algorithm Design.


1、Optimal Common Contract with Heterogeneous Agents.

Shenke Xiao, Zihe Wang, Mengjing Chen, Pingzhong Tang, Xiwang Yang. AAAI-20.

2、Bounded Incentives in Manipulating the Probabilistic Serial Rule.

Zihe Wang, Zhide Wei, Jie Zhang. AAAI-20

3、Inference from Auction Prices.

Jason Hartline, Aleck Johnsen, Denis Nekipelov, Zihe Wang. SODA-20

4、Making Money from What You Know - How to Sell Information.

Shani Alkoby, Zihe Wang, David Sarne, Pingzhong Tang. AAAI-19.

5、Ex-post IR dynamic auctions with cost-per-action payments.

Weiran Shen, Zihe Wang, Song Zuo. IJCAI-18.

6、A tighter welfare guarantee for first-price auctions.

Darrell Hoy, Sam Taggart, Zihe Wang. STOC-18.

7、Optimal Mechanisms with Simple Menus.

Pingzhong Tang, Zihe Wang. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2017.

8、Hotelling-Downs Model with Limited Attraction.

Weiran Shen, Zihe Wang. AAMAS-17, São Paulo, Brazil.

9、Computational Issues in Time-Inconsistent Planning.

Yifeng Teng, Pingzhong Tang, Zihe Wang, Shengke Xiao, Yichong Xu. AAAI-17, San Francisco, USA.

10、Optimal Commitments in Auctions with Incomplete Information.

Pingzhong Tang, Zihe Wang, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang. ACM EC-2016, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

11、Optimal Auctions for Negatively Correlated Items.

Pingzhong Tang, Zihe Wang. ACM EC-2016, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

12、Optimal Auctions for Partially Rational Bidders.

Zihe Wang, Pingzhong Tang. IJCAI-2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina.